Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You might be a Twin Mom if....

You have more breast milk in your freezer than food.

One baby throws up and you spend more time cleaning up the other one.

You wash dozens of bottles and/or sippy cups, and a day later, can't find a clean one. 

Your idea of a quiet day is having only one baby crying at a time.

You spend 3 hours getting ready, filling an entire mini-van, etc. for a 2 hour visit to family/friends.

You realize after leaving the house you have no idea what YOU look like. 

You grab a cart at Target for babies, not stuff.

You walk extra fast through stores, not because you're in a hurry, but you're just not in the mood to talk to anyone.

If you do see a stranger, you start mentally rolling through which question/phrase you're about to hear (it WILL be one of the following): 
"Double Trouble!" 
"Boy, you have your hands full," 
"Better you than me!" 
"Do twins run in your family?" 
Or, of course the simple, "Are they twins?"

Despite all that, it feels completely wrong to go ANYWHERE with only one of them.

If you do go out with only one baby, you realize how easy it must be to have just one. (Sorry singleton Moms!)

You roll your eyes when you see two parents struggling with one baby. (Again, sorry!)

You use the term, "singleton."

You buy 352 diapers at a time and when someone comments that you are stocking up, you laugh and say you'll see them in a week!

You get annoyed when a store sells onesies/underwear/whatever in packs of 3 or 5.

You find a great outfit on clearance, but don't buy it, because there's only one.

You worry about dressing your kids equally cute... you wouldn't want one to look cuter than the other.

You have to use the handicap bathroom, just to fit everyone in the stall.

You don't have to clean the shower, because it hasn't been used.

However, your washer and dryer are ALWAYS running. 

You are now ambidextrous.

You can hold two babies and pee at the same time. 

You do so much with you feet and toes now (open doors, pick up toys, tickle babies) that the guy on "My Left Foot" doesn't seem as impressive anymore.

You have more than enough babies for everyone to hold, so no one fights over them.

You realize that if it had been triplets, you'd be dead by now...