Monday, April 1, 2013

Gps Watch Buying Guide

I love doing running with the boys. do you really want to improve your running times with the best GPS running watch available?

If so let's get to it… The trick to finding the best GPS watch is to know what you really need. This time, I'm going to uncover the truth by examining and balancing your needs and the features available for GPS watches. See here for detail.

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch. See her for detail.

To start with you should find a watch by understanding exactly what your needs are. Do you run in the hills? Are you surrounded by sky scrapers? Do you frequently run in wet conditions? If you answered yes to any of these your really may need the best GPS watch available to keep up with your rigorous demands, if not… well we have a few more criteria to go through.

Next you should consider comfort. Do you have a small wrist or hate the feel of something on your wrist? Maybe you'll be wearing it around your neck, or in a running pack. If you really feel a smaller unit is necessary than it is, but don't forget to weigh screen size if your eyes aren't what they used to be.

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The final thing you should consider is what running features you really need. With all the fancy technology available now such as Real Time Pacing and Elevation and Virtual Partners, this can be a tough decision. By cutting features and needs your price will invariably go down which leads me to the last critical factor. You should also consider battery life, because without a good battery your watch is nothing more than an overpriced paperweight.

Remember: having the latest and greatest equipment is cool, but you can save money by following the above advice. By understanding and weighing features with your actual needs you'll truly come up with the Best GPS Running Watch available specifically tailored to you. Good luck!